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Why Don’t Car Makers Put OBD Code Readers In The Car To Begin With?

Why Don’t Car Makers Put OBD Code Readers In The Car To Begin With?

Why Don’t Car Makers Put OBD Code Readers In The Car To Begin With?

  • Cost. Multiply That By 30+million Vehicles. So That Is A Big Cost And Not Every One Uses It Or Wants It.enough Of “Big Brother Surveillance” For Of Course They Will Add An Alcohol Breath Checker Because Government Demands It.

  • Make You Bring Them Back For Service. Most People Cant Do There Own Work Without Voiding Warranty. Also A Good Scan Tool Can Do More Than Diagnose But Cost Several Grand.

  • They Don’t Want You To Ever Work On Your Own Car. They Make Tons Of Money On Selling Service, But Mainly, Lots Of Folks Will Totally Eff Up Things, Then Bring Them To The Shop And Not Say What They Did, Trying To Get Warranty Work Or Other Adjustments To Their Created Problems.

  • Same Reason They Don’t Publish Free Manuals And Extensive Troubleshooting Steps On How To Repair The Cars. They Make More Money If You Bring It To The Dealership.

  • Good Idea. Most Codes Are Cryptic; A Running Rich Code Was Traced To Bent Pushrods. Still Have To Use Eyes A Lot. Stupid Ecm Read Less Rpm Per Throttle Plate Opening Than Norm At That Wheel Speed And Gear; So Enrichened Mixture. This Made No Difference In Performance; O2 Sensors Said Rich.

  • Because Most People Waste Their Money Trying To Play Mechanic. It Takes More Then Reading A Code To Repair Problems With The Obd Ii System.

  • My 2000 Ford Focus Would Display In Flash Code Or Something Like That The Obd Problems Codes On The Dashboard. Had To Have Access To The Flash Codes But They Were Easy To Find. I Completely Agree Why Not Just Display The Codes Detected On Dash Some Where Plenty Of Led Displays That Could Be Dual Function Trip Odometer For Instance.

  • Some Cars Already Have The Facility To Display Diagnostic Codes, But It’s Not Something You Normally Need To See, So It’s Not Normally Displayed; You Need To Do Something Out Of The Ordinary To Show The Diagnostic Info. Eg: With Some Fords You Hold The Trip Milometer Reset Button Pressed While Turning The Ignition On, Then Keep It Pressed Until The Dash Display Test Finishes. After That You Cycle Through The Displays Using The Reset Button. It Does Not Need A Reader When The Computer Storing The Codes Is Already Directly Connected In To The Vehicle Displays.

  • It Is Extra Cost And Hopefully They Would Use A Better One Than The $15.00 Heco En China Pos. They Would Still Have To Provide The Current Jack. My Subaru Alerts Me To Problems Through The Starlink System Already.

  • I Buy A Washing Machine, Dryer, Stove, It Comes With A Little Packet Outlining The Wiring Diagram And Basic Diagnostic Procedures. But Anything That I Want To Know About The Device That Gets Me To Work Costs Money. But Then The Bigger Question Is Why Do I Need To Diagnose Something That Has Been In Production For 200 Years. You Would Think That After 200 Years They Would Have The Bugs Worked Out.

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