Home Social Science Why Do Men Waste Time Trying To Understand Women?

Why Do Men Waste Time Trying To Understand Women?


Why Do Men Waste Time Trying To Understand Women?

  • Women Want A Good Looking Rich Man Who Listens To Them And Doesn’t Try And Teach Them Anything. If You’re Nice To Them They Get Bored. You’ll Fool Yourself That You’ve Found A Woman Who Doesn’t Want This And That You Love Them, Then They’ll Leave You. I Think That Sums Them Up.

  • You Must Be Blind As F If You Think I Give A **** About Them. I Honestly Can’t Wait To Permanently Get Them Out Of My Life. I Will Never Forgive Them.. Wtf Are They Still Doing Around Dedicating Their Sad Sick Pathetic Miserable Lives To Trolling Me And Backstabbing And Sabotaging And Trying To Get Me Murdered And My Life Destroyed.. You Selfish Pos Arrogant Homicidal ***** ***** Youuu!!! Stay The F Away From Me Already I Would Never Want You. Is That The Blonde Too? Pff.. So Unreal.. Don’t Even Worry About Respecting Me Or Anything.. I Certainly Don’t You And I Haven’t Been Trying To Change That Or Will I Ever!!!! Or Do I Or Will I Ever Like You Either.. Or Except Your Evil Homicidal Life Destroying Asses Who Have Basically Dedicated Your Sad Pathetic Miserable Lives That Revolve Around Trolling Me ***** Youuuu!!! You Homicidal Life Destroying Pos!!! Burn In Hell Bitchhh!!!

  • Oh Yeah.. What A Good Deed All Of You Are Doing.. For Practically Dedicating Your Lives To Sabotaging And Destroying Mine For Your Gains And Selfish Success.. Man I Hope You Homicidal Life Destroying Pos Payyy!!! Who Only Care About Themselves And What They Want.. Then Just.. Literally Do Everything They Possibly Can To Try And Get Me Murdered And Tortured And Bullied And All That.. Wow.. What A Good Deed You Are Doing.. And I Hope You Pos Pay Dearlyyyy!!!

  • The Biggest Problem Is That Men And Women Often Have Different Long-term Motivation. Because Of That, It Takes A While To Figure Out If You Have A Good Match. Too Many Folks Are Into Instant Gratification And Can’t Wait That Long For A Night-time Romp. Understanding Something So Complex As A Living, Breathing Human Being Is Simply Not An Easy Task. Takes Time.

  • It’s Up To Both Men And Woman To Try To Understand Each Other. Not Necessarily On Some Grand Scale. But If You Don’t Understand The Person You’re Dating Or Married To It’s Bound To Fail.

  • Understanding Is A Gift Of The Holy Spirit. A Person Can Have The Seven Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Greater Abundance By Reciting Daily And With Care The Rosary Of The Virgin Mary.

  • I Don’t Need To Understand The Nature Of Women As The Opposite Gender Other Than Women Hate Men With Small Bank Accounts And Small Dix. The Rest Are Lesbians And Slot Machines.

  • For The Same Reasons That Women Waste Time Trying To Understand Men. Because It’s Something They’re Interested In. We Realize He Could Very Well Be In The Wrong Or Be Irrational.

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