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How Can I Win My Husband Heart Back. After Having An Affair I Realize I Much I Love Him ?


How Can I Win My Husband Heart Back. After Having An Affair I Realize I Much I Love Him ?

  • Give Him Space And Time To Heal. You Also Need Time To Reflect On Your Actions And Feel The Pain And Regret That You Need To Feel, In Order To Show Real Remorse For What You’ve Done. In A Few Weeks, Send Him A Message Asking How He Is.. Slowly Try To Be On Talking Terms With Him. This Won’t Be Easy And You’re Going To Have To Accept That Getting Back Into A Relationship Is Not Going To Happen For A Long Time.

  • You Broke The Golden Rule: Don’t Do To Others What You Hate. It Isn’t Just Some Moralistic Saying. It’s A Law That Plays Out Naturally: Cause And Consequence. It All Depends On Your Husband. Is He A Forgiving Man? He May Forgive, But He Won’t Forget. If You’re Lucky He Will Also Discover That The Women He Meets Are Not For Him. Remember The Promise You Made When You Got Married, To Always Love Him…. Well, You Could Always Stay In Touch With Him As A Friend [no Whining About Wanting Him Back] And You Can Work On Bettering Yourself And Be The Woman He Fell In Love With. You May Come Out Of This With A Good Friend.

  • You Hurt Him, Badly. You Struck At His Ego, His Manhood By Wanting Another Man To Do You. You Make Him Doubt Himself, His Choices, His Belief In Who He Is And What He Thinks Of As “Real” . You Broke His Heart And His Trust. You Iwn All That. Don’t Expect Him To Get Over It Any Time Soon.

  • It’s Too Late. You Have One Chance To Keep The Trust Of Your Spouse. You Blew That. Now Your Husband Could Never Trust You Again. The Best Outcome For You Is If Your Husband Divorces You. Otherwise, You Will Live The Rest Of Your Life Under A Cloud Of Suspicion, Which Is No Way To Live.

  • Too Bad You Did Not Experience Life Before You Got Married, So You Can Lie To Yourself, And Use That As A Excuse. He Is Not Coming Back To You, Expect The Divorce Papers Soon.

  • You Made Your Intentions Clear When You Slept With Other Men, The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side, He Has Had His Trust Shattered And His Heart Broken, You Cannot Be Trusted And He Has Made The Right Decision, Enjoy Your Chosen Loneliness.

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