Home Food & Drink How Can I Make Our French Toast Better This Morning?

How Can I Make Our French Toast Better This Morning?

How Can I Make Our French Toast Better This Morning?

How Can I Make Our French Toast Better This Morning?

  • That Was Belgian Waffles But I Do The Same Thing With French Toast. Sometimes I’ll Use Butter. I Try Not To Let Food Get Boring.

  • Here Is Something A Little Different But Not So Special. I Toast Frozen Waffles In The Toaster. Then Throw Them In The Skillet And Pour Beaten Eggs Over Them. Cook And Flip Until Done.

  • Yummy, Simple- Get Unsliced Bread And Cut Thick. Sandwich With Grated Cheese And Bacon/prosciutto Etc, Spread The Outer Layers With Mayonnaise And Bake In A Hot Oven Until Crispy.

  • Mix Your Egg, Flour, Nutmeg A Little Salt And Vanilla. Mix It Well With A Fork. Add Your Cinnamon. Mix It Well Until The Cinnamon Is Mixed In. Add Your Milk And Stir. Add Your Bread One Piece At A Time. Fry On Griddle Until Golden.

  • Try Buttermilk Instead Of Usual Milk, Its Rich And Tangy, And Not As Pricey As Heavy Cream, Maybe Add Demerara Sugar Instead Of White To Give It A Caramel Vibe. Honey In The Batter/liquid Or Poured Over The Finished ‘toast’ Could Make It Yummy, Warmed / Melted Marmalade For Topping Is Tasty & Has An Orangey Vibe.

  • I Have Made French Toast With A Pb&j Which Was Pretty Good. Basically Make A Pb&j Before Soaking In Custard And Cooking. Don’t Go Too Heavy On The Filling, Otherwise It Gets Messy…otherwise Class It Up With Toppings, Sliced Almonds, Fruit, A Fruit Chutney (Like Cooking Down Cranberries And Blueberries In Oj – 1 Cup Each).

  • The Real Key Is Using A Good Bread – I Like To Use French Bread Cut On The Bias About 3/4 To 1 Inch Thick. Top With Macerated Berries And A Dusting Of 10x Sugar. And Real Maple Syrup Only!

  • Add A Splash Of Orange Juice To The Egg Mixture. Next Time It Is Your Turn To The Eggs Forget The Cream And All The Rest And Use Melted Vanilla Ice Cream. That Has Sugar, Cream And All The Rest (Add Just A Splash More Vanilla).

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