Home News & Events Has Being On Lockdown Due To Pandemic Made You Depressed?

Has Being On Lockdown Due To Pandemic Made You Depressed?


Has Being On Lockdown Due To Pandemic Made You Depressed?

  • At First I Was Worried About How We’d Survive On No Salary (During The Complete Lockdown), But Thankfully The Tories Finally Set Up The Furlough Scheme, Probably Due To The Public’s Outcry. Ie The Government Insisted We ‘stay Home’, Only Go Out For Front Line Work Or Food Buying Or Essential Health Care. I’m Not Sure What The Timeline Is, Between Insisting We Stay Home And Setting Up A Means Of Covering Usual Living Costs, Like Mortgage, Rent, Bills And Food Purchases. Anyhow, I Share A Home With My Husband And 2 Teens And Our Cat. We Have A Simple Life, But We’re Pretty Much Happy (Poorer But Happy And Healthy).

  • I Feel Very Sorry For You It’s Awful Being Lonely. There Are Helplines There To Boost Your Morale Try Them. Go For A Walk Somebody Will Always Speak To You And Fresh Air Helps.

  • If You Have A Garden And A Library Of Books, You Have Everything You Need. No Dayton, Presumably Cicero Used A Sponge On A Stick Like The Rest Of The Romans. You Don’t Need Toilet Roll. I Was Talking About Psychological Fulfilment, Not Fripperies Like Food And Household Goods.

  • I Always Do These Exercises I Live In Italy And Yogananda Was Born In Gorakapur In India And I Loved India He Became My Teacher He Helped Me A Lot To Read His Words The World Today Is More And More Alone Many People Feel Lonely In Italy They Told Us About What Happens In India Every Country Has The Problem But I Hope The Recharging Exercises Are Known In India In Italy There Is An Ananda Editions Book And The Recharging Exercises Are Given By The Self Realization Fellowship Srf In Los Angeles.

  • I Am Still Working But Without All The Aggro Of Getting There, Although The Work Has Tailed Off A Bit. I Have Actually Have Had More Contact With The Family (Who Are Potentially At Risk) Than Normal. Seeing Ambulances Taking People Away Is Depressing Though, As Was Happening At Easter And Seems To Be Starting Again.

  • It Didnt Bother Me As I Am A Naturally Quiet Person Who Keeps Myself To Myself So Long As I Can Get My Food And Other Things Essential To Good Living. I Believe In Wearing A Mask And Have Since The Start. I Did Miss My Cousins Weekly Visit Who Had To Stay Away At The Height Of The Previous Lockdown.

  • Some Days, Or A Few Days In A Row, Are Bad, Yes. I Think The One Thing That Has Kept Me Going Is Texting. I Have Very Little Family, But Do Have A Good Group Of Close Friends.

  • I Have To Keep Reminding Myself That I Know My Bills Will Be Paid And That As Long As Delivery Is Available, I’ll Have Supplies. So Many Don’t Have That Security. I Had A Virtual Doctor’s Appointment And Told Him I Was Resigned To Being In For Up To 24 Months. He Said It Was A Healthful Approach.

  • I Spend A Lot Of Time Online. This Site Helps, As Silly As It Can Be. Listening To Songs I Love And Never Hear Any Longer On Youtube Is Fun For Me While Reading Comments From Others Who Feel The Same. I Haven’t Watched Much Tv At All, Which Surprised Me. But I Did Re-watch “Mad Men” And Some New Shows On Netflix. I Wouldn’t Mind Finding A Site With The Option Of Discussion For Some Additional Form Of Human Interaction.

  • I Don’t Want To Suffocate To Death. Worse Than That, I Don’t Want To Come Off A Ventilator And Have To Go On Dialysis For He Rest Of My Days. Home Alone Is The Much Better Option.

  • Pandemic Not Only Strip Us Of Freedom ,but Also Leave Many People Without The Source Of Income ,so Many People Are Depressed For Not Having A Stable Income ,what’s More ,this Will Set Up A Chain Reaction , Some Family Will Fight Over It ,and May End Up In A Divorce , And When You Go Out ,you Need To Be Alert To People Around You Like You Avoid Criminal ,and Look Over The Shoulder ,which Will Result In Anxiety And Troubles.

  • I Know It’s A Hard Time And It Sucks Not Being Able To Do Things. I Am Also Alone A Lot Of The Time, I Try Gardening, Cooking, Watching Tv, Reading Or Doing Jigsaw Puzzles, Adult Colouring Books Even Cleaning Just To Try And Fill The Time.

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