Home Home & Garden Can I Install Pergola Posts On Pool Concrete Foundation?

Can I Install Pergola Posts On Pool Concrete Foundation?

Can I Install Pergola Posts On Pool Concrete Foundation

Can I Install Pergola Posts On Pool Concrete Foundation?

  • There’s A Special Premade Concrete Footing That Fits 4×4 Posts Made Exactly For This — Ask At Your Building Materials Store. The Point Of This Footing Is That It Later Allows You To Easily Replace The Posts — After Rot Or Termites Destroy Them. Be Sure To Ask How To Tie The Footings Down If You Live In An Area That Is Potentially Subject To Intense Storms.

  • If You Mean Coming Off The Back/top Of The Concrete Wall To The Pool, It Might Be Possible, But There Is An Undoubted Risk Of Adding Load For Which It Was Not Designed (Although Most Concrete Design Has A Fair Bit Of Redundancy In It). I Would Use Metal Shoes So That The Treated Wood Is Free Draining And Standing Clear Of The Finished Ground Level And Can Rotate To Avoid Putting Leverage On The Pool Structure.

  • You Have To Put The Posts In A Hole In The Ground About 3 Feet Deep And Fill The Hole With Good Concrete Back Up To The Surface. Think About Using 4×4 Galvanized Steel Posts At 10′-12′ Spacing, Like Are Used On Commercial Carports. You Beam Spans Will Be A Problem If You Don’t Use Lots Of Posts, Or Use Steel Beams. Metal Building Supply Houses Have Steel Posts. Now All Of This Is A Bit Of A Job And Is Best Done With A Crew Of Metal Building/car Port Installers. You Don’t Want The Pergola To Rack From A High Wind. You Can Do It By Yourself If You Plan Out The Work And Get Things Straight And Perfect. Steel Is Easy To Drill And You Use Bolts To Attach Wood Framing. Then Use Screws To Screw The Wood Frame Together.

  • I’m Talking Specifically About Drilling In The Concrete Used To Build The Pool Walls, Not The Floor. I Actually Have Pavers Surrounding The Pool, So I Would Have To Remove Some Of The Pavers To Drill The Post In The Pool Wall. I’m Not Sure If It Has Been Done Before!

  • So You’re Talking About Putting The Wood Actually *in* The Pool Sides? I’m Not An Expert There, But That Seems Like Something I’d Never Consider. The Wood Would Constantly Be Wet Meaning It Would Rot Quickly And You’re Be Putting Holes In Something Which Is Specifically Designed To Hold Water. Putting In On The Pool Deck Next To The Pool Would Be Much More Logical (Not Knowing Your Exact Set Up, Of Course.)

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